Please notice that the service is in test mode now

Discover Evernote alternative!

If you know that you may become unavailable for reason - leave a scheduled message with Vayond.

We'll send the message securely to whomever you ask and exactly when you want. You can cancel your request at any time.

The service costs from $2.99/month, and we'll deliver the message even if you are dead.

Who needs this service?

This is for those who think about sudden death or negative health prognosis, but not only...

Should you decide to go for a risky adventure without notifying your friends in advance, leave a message for them, or police, or your parents - they will hear you, even if you are far and not online anymore.

What kind of messages you can send?

It can be a video, an audio, or a text. We can send a message via an SMS, email or Facebook. This service is in its early stage now, thus it supports just text by email. More to come. Please stay tuned.

Is it secure indeed?

If your information absolutely needs to remain confidential, we send a link to your message, not the message itself. The recipient of the message logins to our website via encrypted connection and sees your message. Each recipient sees a message dedicated for him or her only.

Can I leave a public message?

Yes. Each Vayond subscriber has a wall at Vayond website, which is empty by default. You can leave a message there. The user sets it up when we have to make the wall visible for public: after the user's death, anniversary, or another event of the user's choice. The wall is not active in the test mode.

Why Vayond is different?

  1. Users pay us, not enterprises: we don't sell your data and don't show ads to you.
  2. Vayond does a single thing - send scheduled messages - and does it right.
  3. Your Vayond account is separate from social networks, thus Vayond never tells anything to your friends without your direct instruction.

How many people use this service?

None at the moment. A rough estimation is 100,000 for the first year, and up to 1,000,000 for the years to come.

Which part of population needs it?


Die next year


Do some risky snowsport


Forget important dates


Had their heart broken in a school or college